Jessica´s story

marzo 28, 2022 Por admin

Hello, dear readers of this world Au pair life, today I will tell you a bit more about all this experience that I embarked in six months ago and I started to live in the USA, which has been one of the best experiences of my life.

It all started with the end of my graduation in Psychology and my doubt on what to do after that, so after moments of reflection I ended up and remembered an old dream.

The dream of speaking English and getting to know another country and a new culture, and when I was looking at types of exchange program I identified with the format of the Au pair program and saw there a great opportunity to find new ways.

My main goals before embarking were to learn English very well, because mine was very basic, and to travel as much as possible in the US, but I didn’t know what was ahead and during my 6 months of exchange I realized that I have matured a lot as a person, I grew up more than I think I would have grown in 6 years living in the same place, and surely this experience of getting out of my comfort zone, allowing myself to live other realities and learn new skills has made me a better person.

And during these months I’ve made new friends from all over the world, I either visited Washington DC, visited New York, visited Boston, I was in Florida (in St Petersburg where it was our delightful training week), I have been in Philadelphia, I met a wonderful family and two children who have changed my perspective, I celebrated a Jewish new year, I celebrated Halloween, I experienced other Jewish holidays (my host family is Jewish), I have improved my English every day, I celebrated Thanksgiving day, I saw snow for the first time in my life, I did snow tubing, I spent New Year in NYC, I was in Great Falls in Virginia, got into a Book Club and started doing more exercise (yoga and gym) and trying to be healthier, moreover I got my first 5k running, and I got closer to God.

With so many events I just have to say that it’s been a year full of surprises and learning and nevertheless all the fears and difficulties that I thought were problems, in the beginning, I realized that they turned me somehow, and I only have really thanked you, because I know I have changed. I don’t feel strange about it, in fact, I feel myself more each day, because this is the magic of life, every moment is unique, every moment and singular and what we were yesterday are not anymore today.

Last but not least, I leave a message: things really happen at the moment they have to happen, and if we throw fewer expectations in the world we’ll have more surprises. So trust in yourself and others. When we establish this trust, everything around turns and happens. Allow yourself, be open to the world, be the person who runs to get what to want, regardless of the environment or condition. Make it happen. Don’t forget, in the year of Au-pair, you’ll miss your family and friends, will have bad days and beautiful days, as well as in life, but always be patient with your own time and the children’s time, we are all different and with love we can always help each other.
“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?

– Rumi
Jessica Roque